Our projects represent a design-driven approach and the belief that luxury lies in the qualitative elements of space, proportion, and light. Each Orchard Piper property is realised through a meticulous process in close collaboration with local and international design leaders.

Our carefully selected team obsessively finesse every detail, working with a shared goal to deliver architectural masterpieces. Through our passion for design and a process honed over time, we scrutinize all elements for their aesthetic, emotional and physical contribution.


We have been fortunate to cultivate close relationships with our clients and design leaders nurtured through reputation and referral. Our network is very important to us and deeply personal. The bond created within this network relies on a shared appreciation of truly great design. We embrace the responsibility entrusted to us to deliver properties that uphold this shared vision.

The integrity of these relationships has led to the successful delivery of an ever growing list of sophisticated addresses, several industry awards and a luxury portfolio valued at over AUD $1.1b.

Investment in Architecture

Each Orchard Piper project is developed with a goal to deliver a lasting architectural contribution to its environment. We believe our clients and the wider community benefit greatly from our passion for design excellence. Each property is developed to provide luxury through fine craftsmanship, materiality, and ambience.

Our meticulous processes and obsessive attention to detail ensure each building meets the Orchard Piper standard, far exceeding industry norms.


Our approach is highly collaborative. The businesses and individuals we align with are selected based on shared creative visions and shared ambitions for design excellence. Our partners bring richness and diversity to the Orchard Piper community—they expand our perspectives, broaden our expertise and help realise highly creative outcomes.

Orchard Piper projects are built together with long-term partners who deeply understand our brand and the unique needs of our customers through a cumulative process refined project after project.

Site Selection

Our sites are selected for their rarity, and for the high quality of life they will afford residents. Orchard Piper’s directors utilise their network to access opportunities that are not presented to the market, often combining multiple parcels of generationally owned land to consolidate a unique and unrepeatable offering.

Our sites are selected for their prime street positioning within the finest suburbs; tier 1 addresses and post codes with inherent and enduring value.


Exacting Standards

Orchard Piper projects are fully resolved prior to market launch, resulting in properties that are delivered as intended. Our construction partners are carefully chosen based on a shared understanding of quality and an equal ambition for excellence.

Each member of the team is scrutinised for their commercial strength, integrity, personable approach, problem solving ability and alignment with our goals.

Professional Team

Orchard Piper surrounds itself with a team of professionals who are operating at the pinnacle of their disciplines. With great respect for their expertise, we provide members of our design team with full creative license and trust.

By taking a coordination rather than dictation role, we provide our team with the space they need to achieve unique and outstanding results at every level.

Collaborating with a mutual respect and trust, we maximise the unique expertise of our architects, designers, engineers and builders to achieve outstanding work.

Through an obsessive dedication and years of collaborative experience, we have perfected our craft one project at a time. A process by which masterful architectural homes are made real.